ARMED Jewelry


The ARMED Team


Desiree Girlato || CEO

A true Toronto native, Desiree attended Humberside Montessori School as child and then went on to attend the University of Toronto and Humber College (Lakeshore) as a young adult.  She graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce degree from Guelph Humber.  She received a number of awards during her studies, including the New Venture Seed Fund Award (2010) and the Friendly Fire Competition Award (2011), reflecting achievement in innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.  The hustle was real, as she founded ARMED jewelry in 2011, at its current flagship location, while still a full time business student at Humber. A real testament to her incredible work ethic, appreciation for her customers and sharp eye for design, ARMED is about to celebrate its 6th birthday.

Through ARMED, Desiree continues to serve her home base of Toronto but has also presented her work beyond the borders of this wonderful city with the same level of quality and workmanship that the business was founded on in 2011.  Her keen eye and trendsetting style have allowed her to excel in the fast paced markets of both the fashion and accessories industries.  With great vision and keeping an eye on new horizons, you can be guaranteed that there will always be something fresh and new going on at ARMED jewelry.  In her own words, “I am a perfect mix of conceptual artist and business woman, and find my inspiration right in my own neighbourhood.”

When not designing or running the business, Desire can be found ‘lost’ in the middle of nature or thrifting for antiques to style a new room. 

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Sarah Okafo || Head of Sales, Content Creator

Sarah is a small town, east coast girl with a downtown soul. After moving to Toronto in 2004 to attend Ryerson University, she graduated in 2008 with a BFA and spent the subsequent years working in theatre, film/television and fashion throughout Toronto.

With an eclectic style that is influenced by current and new trends, but rooted in retro styles and vintage finds, Sarah believes in staying true to one's personal style and maintains an “I Wear What I Want” attitude when it comes to fashion. If you are looking for the perfect piece to finish off an outfit, come in and Sarah will make sure you find something that makes you look great and feel great!