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3 Ways To Pull Off This Season's Coolest Beauty Trend

Desiree Girlato

When was the last time you woke up and decided to take a step leap out of your beauty comfort zone? That’s what we thought. We get it: If you’re not used to taking your makeup into next-level territory, strolling into the office sporting a neon-green shadow or showing up for date night wearing a metallic lipstick can feel terrifying. However (and we’re just throwing this out there), you don’t have to go zero to 60 just to try out the most buzzed-about trends. There are ways to hone in on a lewk and tone it down or amp it up — depending on your beauty skillz.


Desiree Girlato

With autumn right around the corner, it’s time to lock down your fall wardrobe and fill it with wardrobe essentials and a few key trend-driven pieces. A well-rounded fall wardrobe should include everything from sweaters and leggings to the perfect leather jacket, which might sound a little intimidating especially if you’re on a budget!

That’s why I rounded-up some affordable fall fashion items for you to shop and they’re all under $75! Add these items to your closet and you’ll be ready to navigate the new season in style, while not breaking the bank.

Make A Statement With These 9 Canadian Jewelry Brands

Desiree Girlato

"If you’re looking for a statement necklace, look no further than UP AND ARMED. Located in downtown Toronto, you can shop their designs, which range from super delicate to dramatically ornate, either in-store or online. The store, which caters to both men and women, also offers other great accessories to choose from, including a killer sunglasses collection."

Designer Profile: Armed Jewelry

Desiree Girlato

"ARMED JEWELRY first started as an unapologetically bold and beautiful idea by designer Desiree Girlato. From humble beginnings, the brand has since bloomed into its current incarnation at 1024 Dundas Street West, the Toronto flagship.

Girlato is a self-taught jewelry designer and conceptual artist with an eye for show-stopping trends, that she incorporates into her designs. ARMED pieces are rendered with raw material from around the globe. Unique stones sourced from Arizona are paired with superior workmanship of Brass and Sterling Silver from New York."

ARMED Jewelry Celebrates 4th Anniversary with 8 New Collections and a Pop-Up Shop

Desiree Girlato

"ARMED, the pocket-sized jewelry shop located at 1024 Dundas Street West (Dundas & Shaw St.), is celebrating its 4th anniversary Thursday September 24th with a bash at Cooper Cole Gallery. The evening promises an outrageous photo-booth, booze and pop-up shop, but we’re most excited for designer and founder Desiree Girlato to unveil 8 new collections. Yes, 8. (Woman be busy.)"


Desiree Girlato

"At first, Armed Boutique on Dundas West could be mistaken for a vintage trinket shop, aka your grandmother’s closet. Grandma-style is essentially what drove owner and designer Desiree Girlato to open up shop in her family neighbourhood, so the influence holds true. Nestled in a bright yellow brick and mortar shop, directly across from Trinity Bellwoods, lies every girl’s dream walk-in; ring trays atop marble slabs and piled chokers amongst precious stones and crystals."

The Best Jewelry Stores in Toronto

Desiree Girlato

"The best jewellery stores in Toronto celebrate the marriage of exquisite, precious materials with a craftsman's eye. "Precious," by the way, doesn't just mean "expensive". Though a large number of these shops do prize diamonds, sapphires, gold and silver, and cater especially to the Romeos and Juliets looking to present that special someone with some major hardware (custom or off-the-shelf), others transform more base materials into beautiful pieces that hold a different kind of value."